Zombies Down Under

Dedicated to my gore ladies out there, for well, being the way you are and all things gore :P

Thanks to Star for the images of the non-Google variety and help with some personalities.
Warning: There is Gore a head, bloody images and graphic violence. Also different POV’s

I was running, my lungs burning, my legs freezing, clenching with the ache to stop. I could feel myself slowing down; I could hear Jaime running next to me, laughing as she went. Her hair was messy, little chunks of rotting flesh and guts clinging to her skin, shirt ripped in places, bare foot.
Me, on the other hand was pretty much free from all things gross that comes with killing these gross fucks.
Screams followed us, grunts and groans from the dead. Zombies. Who would have known right? Well obviously a few specialists knew, they created this disease, these dead corpses that liked to munch on out flesh. And it spread here to the land down under, where the where women glow and men plunder.
Except these fuckers were different than the ones you see in movies, they’re not the same ones from Zombieland or the ones from the movie where Will Smith cures cancer. No these were all different, once bit, your body starts to shut down, your hunger increasing till it wants raw flesh. Then your mind leaves you, which is all you can think about, the need and constant hunger for blood and muscle.
But it varies on who you are, each zombie different, faster, slower, smarter, and dumber. Bigger, smaller, more vicious and cunning. They look like average human beings, a slight yellow blue tint to them, until you cut them open that is as well, and they are rotten inside, smelling to high heaven. Image being sprayed by a skunk, dropped in the sewer and then buried in rotting meat and other things.
“We only got a few more meters to go, there’s the house” Jamie yells, pointing to the blue roofed, yellow one story building. Barricaded by electric fences and spikes. We had made a run for Bunnings to collect some supplies, if there was anything next. Though there was little but a few things here and there, but we did find some survivors seeking aid and shelter for now.
“Little, open up!” She yells her feet never slowing. Guns aim to our faces while the gate opens, it was a rule. If we looked even remotely a yellow blue to kill on site, no matter what.
Little was called Little by us all for shits and giggles, she was a tall woman, nearly 6’12”. She was a tourist from Russia and spoke very little. Not because she couldn’t speak, but because her husband being slaughtered and butchered before her was enough.
She watched in horror as they tore his stomach open and ate his intestines, his face half gone from bites as the claws of a ripper, shredded his skin. She was hidden from view and watched as her husband rose from the dead, snarling and clawing at the ripper. His guts spilling out as he stood one eye hanging by a thread, swinging from his eye socket.
It was traumatizing and she hasn’t spoken after telling us in her panic, we thought she was a zombie first, till we realised that the blood and everything over her was from killing the ripper and her husband.
“Jamie and Zoe are back, grab Lilly.” Gary a friend of Jamie’s yells, his hands gripping the base of a baseball bat tightly.
“Wait, we have two cars and a truck following us” I tell them, pointing down the road as they force their way through the debris.
Jamie’s next door neighbours, a sweet old couple died in the first wave of attacks. Walkers and easily killed, we flattened the house and the fence between to make room for storage and car space. There was a family of six next door, only three left, the mother and her youngest daughter with the second youngest son. They barricaded themselves in their homes, only allowing Jamie to exit and enter their home.
“Survivors?” Gary asks, brows raised, his black hair parted down the middle hanging down to his chin.
“Four, a trucker named Bob, yeah we laughed too. A woman and her son and then another male name Chris” I wheeze out, my lungs burning from the run.
“Problems?” Lyn asks her brows rose in the direction of Jamie who was picking off the flesh; I smirk at her and shake my head in amusement.
“Three Rippers and a Rammer.” I tell her with a shake of my head, when it comes down to it, to small scavenger missions, Jamie always, ALWAYS ends up covered in guts.
Rammers were footballers, big mother fuckers with tons of muscles, they charged and charged and charged you, till they got you in whatever fucking thing you barricaded yourself with.
Rippers were vicious little things, children. They were the worst, both in mentality and emotionally. They clawed their victims, shredding them till they looked like little pieces of confetti or something resembling going through a shredder.

“The store?” she asks, worried. I shook my head; there was nothing usable, nothing that we desperately needed.
“We will need to leave soon” she utters before turning and walking up the steps of the house.
“… And then she ran forward, her battle cry alerting the zombies, the turned and ran to get her. Other people would be scared but she jumped forward, leaping over this tree as she swings the scythe… one head pops off spraying its blood all over her as she goes for the other… it was AWESOME!” the little boy, no older than eight as he bragged to Rye and little. His little hands flying about as he tells the tale of Jamie rescuing them from the rippers.
“He brags too much” Jamie chuckles, her hair wet, and zombie chunk free.
I couldn’t help but snort and look down at her “Seriously? Cause I’m pretty sure that’s what happened, you game freak you” I chuckle out, earning an elbow to the ribs.
“Yeah and where would we all be now if it wasn’t for me and Rye?” she asks with a smirk, fucking smug bitch, but I love her.
“Yeah, Yeah… Lyn says we need to leave soon, we don’t have much food left” I tell her, my eyes never leaving the smiling face of the little boy, there was still miracles left in this shitty world.
“We need medication too, Jess is sick.” Gary tells us coming to our side, he too looking at the little boy with a fond smile.
“Fuck, we’ll leave in the morning; the truck has a full tank of fuel. The bus can hold all of us plus our weapons. Mitch has finished barricading it and making it Rammer resistant. The only problem we will have if it comes to spitters and floaters.” Jamie curses while rubbing her eyes with the palms of her hand.


“There is nothing that could stop the acid from them, we will have to keep a vital eye out for them” I sigh before walking up the steps while those two chatted. Gary and Jamie had a weird connection, both pagans and when they start they never stop, they talk in riddles and through looks. We all guess they have this mind meld shit, hey who would know these days.
“Lilly!” I call, my sister as I enter the main room. The TV was up on the wall while various items, maps, tables, and weapons scattered about the place.
“Zoe!” she calls, her voice chirpy as she walks out of our room, this was a two bedroom house, kitchen, bathroom and lounge. Lilly, Jamie, Lyn and I share a room while Rye, Gary, Mitch and Joe share the other. Little slept outside in a small tent, she hated to be inside, ever since her husband was killed.
“Lilly, you need to start packing some things and take them to the bus. We will be leaving in the morning, tell Joe” I tell her before walking into the kitchen; Lyn was at the small stove her olive skin shimmering from sweat and the light.
Lyn and Jamie were part Māori with big differences, Lyn was 5’10” with a big build and a soft heart while Jamie was a mere 5’4”, slim and very dark and different. Lyn was our chef and planner; she could come up with exit plans quickly, J was our hunter, warrior and had a sharp eye for a great distance.
Joe was part Aboriginal his hair dark and curly, eyes dark and he was a brilliant carpenter and engineer. Very shy and very into my little sister Lilly, but that was okay, she was happy with him.
Her baby blue eyes always full of love and happiness as she clung to his wiry frame. It was funny though, she was the same height as Jay but Joe was a whole foot taller than him, she barely reached his chin.
“The bus is fuled to go; Bob was all too willin’ to give us his fuel. That man you saved, Chris? Well he had more fuel, and a ton of Molotov’s and Spits.” Mitch’s deep voice reached my ears; he stood in the doorway leading to the back, his hair falling to cover his eyes, the three scars peeking out near his nose. We rescued him from rippers, but he didn’t escape unscratched, he has three scars from his hairline ending at the right side of his nose. He could still use his left eye, but it was blurry.
(Not the actuall bus but how it would be setup)

Spits: another word for a bomb that was made out of the venom of Floaters and Spitters. Which relaxed and tensed me at the same time, their venom both deadly, but when combined was very unstable.
“Are they secure?” Lyn asks, her blue eyes narrowing at the brute.
“Yes woman, I ain’t no bloody drongo” he utters sourly, face turned down into a sneer. They were friends, but took the piss out of each other when they could.
“Don’t get your knickers in a twist Mitchy, someone go get the others, dinner is ready.” She chuckles while pulling out the food and lifting the pot off the stove.
“Yum, beans and soup again” Jamie snarks sarcastically, plonking down at the table.
“Well, maybe find some decent food next time” Lyn snaps back with a smirk, pouring the soup into a huge bowl and grabbing enough spoons for us all.
“Ooo baked beans!” the little boy squeals while diving for the food, his mother grabbing him, scolding him that it is rude to dive for food.
“Here you go little man” Lyn chuckles placing a bowl in front of him, and the soup in the middle.
“Jay, there’s some food in the containers for the others, do you want to tell them we are leaving tomorrow?” I tell her, gaining the attention of the others. She stands, nodding, her eyes sad. She leaves quickly while the others, the newcomers look at me.
“Can we not stay here?” Chris asks his brows pulled down in displeasure.
“No, we’re low on food and we couldn’t find any today.” I explain with a sad sigh, we had checked all major and minor food stores around these parts. Even some houses and the schools, nothing that was edible was left.
“Where will we go?” Ellen the boy’s mother asks worried.
“South, to the country, there’s a small town that Jamie is familiar with, that could help us.” I tell them, slumping further into the chair.
“Zoe” my eyes go to Rye who was staring out the window, his eyes a dark blue, indicating something was wrong.
“What’s wrong?” I ask him, quickly moving to the window. The sun was almost set, casting rays of gold and purple across the sky. But something felt wrong, the air was too thick. When you fight for your life every day you get a keen sense for danger.
“I don’t know but I’ll take guard tonight with J.” he tells me standing, he gives Lyn a quick kiss before exiting out the front door. Shotgun and a rifle in his hands as he did so, his back was tense and his movements sharp.
A second later, his whistle could be heard, the one telling J to hurry up and get her ass there. Her yells soon followed, ones of friendly insults and full of mirth.
“We should all get some sleep; we leave bright and early tomorrow. You and your son can sleep with us tonight; it’s a tight squeeze though” I tell Ellen softly while I stand, her son happily rubbing his tummy as he finishes off the beans in the bowl.
“Thank you” she whispers before following Lilly into the room.
“I’ll get these” Little says, standing while carrying the dirty plates, gesturing us to leave.
“Goodnight Little” we uttered before heading to our room. I knew I needed to shower but I was too exhausted, so when my head hit the pillow I was out like a light.

Meanwhile outside
“Jesus, fuck” I cursed as I stood on my platform freezing my ass off. It was winter and about ten degrees, ever since this all zombie bullshit the temperature fluctuates.
“What?” he asks from his post in the other corner. The whole place was tin and wood along with spikes and electricity, the front was the only thing we had to worry about.
“Zombies, we have five rammers and spitters... Holy fuck, Rye sound the alarm. SOUND THE ALARM!” I scream while firing off bullets, getting a few head shots... Three rippers come out of nowhere and try to claw their way through the barricade. With a quick prayer to the goddess I fire off and kill them, their head fling back as the bullet penetrates their skull, exiting though the back and their brains splattering the earth, staining it.
The alarm sounds, and the house becomes a huge sound of panic as I fire off more bullets.
“Wha’s going on!” little yells jumping to the platform, her eyes widening at the view.
“WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!” I scream as the others come out. “Little get them to the bus!” I yell to her, she gives me a sharp nod before leaving.
“RYE!” Lyn screams in panic as she gets pulled away by Mitch.
“Go Rye! GO! Help them escape, I’ll keep up!” I tell him as we jump over the fence to the holding yard. The Rammers had broken through with the help of the spitter, but that was the least of my worries, there at the back was a Goreger.
“NO!” he yells still by my side.
“FOR FUCK SAKES RYE! FOR OCE DO AS I SAY! I’LL BE OKAY, I’LL MEET YOU AT POINT ONE!” I scream before shoving him towards the bus.
Goreger’s were deadly, their bodies the most disfigured and mangled. They were of the accident variety, people who had been caught in the mass explosion when the zombies took over, people from car accidents and the like; they liked to keep tokens on their person.


This one seemed to be a hunter variety, his neck lining on what seemed to be intestines were skulls, hands, toes, ears, eyes… Everything that you could think of, he probably had it, there was even a head of a ripper on there.
“JAY!” I heard someone scream my name as the bus roared to life, the door was open, Zoe standing waving for me to come. But the Goreger stood in my way now, with a shake of my head I yell out to Mitch to leave, to leave now! He casts me a horrified look but did as I asked, Zoe screaming as the door slams shut.
Hoisting my gun over my shoulder I sprint back up the stairs. Grabbing all I could before pressing the timer on the door, we had rigged the house just in case this had happened. With a quick prayer I smashed through the window as the fuckers followed me inside.
“Quick!” I heard Sonja whisper to me frantically as her hands gripped my arms, hoisting me over the fence into the pool she had. Why she had a pool was beyond me, as her and her children never left the house. But as the house exploded, balls and fiery debris flew into the air sending chunks of flesh to scatter I realised why. Turning my head she was smirking at me, tapping her head before emerging for air.
“Why you smart cow” I chuckle shoving her slightly while looking at the damage, the last of my home.

I screamed and banged on the door as I watched Jay run away, her gun slung over her back. Her eyes as she looked at me were doubtful, and that made me terrified, she was never doubtful.
“NO!” I heard Gary scream as he slams his hands on the glass. The house now a ball of fire, shards hitting our roof top as we drove away.
“She could have gotten out” Rye said sadly, his arms wrapped around his wife.
“Where do we go now?” Chris asks his eyes a little sad as he stares out the window. He too watching as the house shrinks in the distance and over the hill.
“We meet at the spot we all suggested if this were to happen” Rye said with a strangled voice, his hand gripping his gun resting on his leg.
“It’s okay Rye” Lilly whispers, her small hand resting on his shoulder. But he wasn’t listening nor did he care, I knew that look, the look of failure and self-hate. He wished he didn’t leave her there, for once he listened to her and now he was safe and she could be dead, or worse, one of them.
“There were too many, the Goreger was too smart.” Little states her voice heavy and furious. She hated these fuckers, understandably so.
“Where did they come from, better yet how did they break through?” I ask Rye, regretting it instantly as he scolds at me.
“There was a spitter, normally they would aim for us but they didn’t… this time they aimed for the weak spots in the fence while the rammers did their work.” He tells me before standing and moving to the back and on the roof to our lookout.
“We need to move, we must believe she is okay” Joe utters gripping my sister tightly.
“Zo” I gestured to continue to where we were heading, my thoughts far away. How did this happen? There has never been an attack that large before.
The tafe was now almost rubble, the strong frames bent at an awkward angle. Sides of the buildings were scorched from the fires a month or two ago when the resistance here fell, someone got bit and didn’t even know.
There was still life here; you could hear the screams on the far side from some zombies, killing each other for food, scraps. Why Jay wanted this place as a meet point was beyond me, it was only a kilometre away but still!
“Alrighty, we are here for the day, if she isn’t here by nightfall we need to leave” Mitch said standing, he didn’t bother opening the door for fresh air, he too could hear the screams.

“What was that huge one?” my eyes go to the boy quivering in his mother’s arms.
“We call them Goregers, that’s all you need to know for now Matt.” I utter softly before looking at my sister.
“What weapons did you pack?” I ask her, my eyes cutting to Joe, silently asking him the same question.
“We have a few handguns, little ammunition left. Rye’s sniper rifle along with Jamie’s, your explosives, the spits Chris had. Two shotguns, the Scythe, a few melee weapons and 3 chainsaws.” My brows raised and then dropped, my shoulders sagged and my hand tugged my hair. We had little ammunition left and the fuel needs to be saved for this trip, the melee weapons won’t last long nor will the spits and explosives.
“Mitch we have a Chomper” I heard Rye yell as he peeks his head back inside. Mitch sighs before opening the door, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Chompers are what we call Zombies with no jaws. Or half of it ripped off, they always try to hold it to their head, but still.
Mitch and Rye made a bet long ago, so whenever we see a Chomper, Mitch had to kill it and Rye got the strippers. It was the rare ones, we never see chompers that much nor the ones of stripper variety. They also tended to eat their own flesh; the first to go is usually the tongue.

He reaches around and grabs the handgun he always carries and walks a fair few feet away before shooting. Brains splatter the tree behind her; head flinging back with such force it took the body with it. I could hear Rye curse at the good shot, and Gary to scream in horror.
"MITCH RUN!” he sobs out, his hands banging on the glass. His head turns in the direction that Gary points to see an outline of a merger. A merger is a zombie that has been fused together, we don’t know how or why but we just know that. They are also hard to kill, two heads and all. if one is killed the other continues. So you better hope to fucking god that you have two bullets left or you would become the entree.
He runs, but trips, falling face first into the ground, his gun scraping on the ground as it slid across to us. Spinning he scuttles backwards away, closer to us, to his gun. Why isn’t Rye doing anything?
“RYE!” Gary screams.
“IT’s JAMMED!” he yells back nervous movements on the roof grow louder before the clutter of the gun on the roof.
Suddenly with a loud bang before the merger got to him it stops, hands digging into its chest frantically. A sound of disgust leaves Mitch’s voice as the zombie explodes, his head turned so no blood or whatever the fuck changes us got in his eyes or mouth.
“Took you fucking long enough. Everything was all over the place like a mad woman's breakfast” he cursed the person; the sun was glaring down on us, the windows tinted as well.
“Sorry Mitch had to help Sonja” she whispers sadly at the end, we all spilled out the doors of the bus when Jamie’s voice reached our ears. But we all stopped as we took in her appearance, she was filthy, her clothes torn and covered in blood, her face clear of all.
“What happened?” I ask finally.
“Sonja didn’t kill her children. Jack got to close and got bit, he bit Jess and after the house exploded where she saved my life. She asked me to kill them all.” She explained with a shrug before opening steel welded box on the side and got out our saved water from just regular baths or showers and cleaned herself free from blood.
“Oh god” Ellen chokes out gripping her son tightly.
“We need to move now, there’s a huge group of zombie on the other side of that building” she told us while jutting her chin in the direction of the way she came from.
“Alrighty you heard her!” Joe called from the doors, ushering everyone inside quickly. J hops into the driver’s seat and closes the doors behind us. Her face was hard; her hands gripped the steering wheel tightly. She had gloves on, not an unusual thing because she had poor circulation in her hands.
Jamie’s POV
The house was dark and smelled rank, who knew that Sonny still had her children, why Jess was feeling sick all the time. Guilt hung heavy in my chest as I looked at the lifeless bodies of the family I had known for years. Guts and brain splattered the floor, torn flesh and seeping black ooze lay in chunks and puddles around the room. Mangled flesh of the rippers, no the family, were now unrecognisable. And then there was Sonja, a bullet in her head smiling peacefully with her mangled zombie children lay around her.
Exiting through the house and out the back door I jumped into the car. Looking down I see smears of blood all over my arm, covering my tattoo. Pulling my hands on, hopefully to warm them, stop them from shaking badly, before heading to the meeting point.

She drove for a day until we got to a supermarket, one that was built after the initial news of Zombies, the dooms day. Our government supplied us with weaponry at a price, but when that fell and the population began to diminish and the zombie population to rise, well; you can guess that no one gave a fuck about what the government wanted.
“We need food and weapons” she states standing, her joints crack as she did so. I handed her the shotgun and sniper rifle as she walks past, strapping them to her back.
“Rye you comin’ for this one?” she asks the very man who hasn’t come inside since he went to the roof, Lyn was worried.
“No J, I’ll stay here be your eye” he utters waving his gun.
“Kay, Mitch, Zoe and I are going to get some food and to see if there is any weapons left.” She told them.
“I’m coming with you” Bob stated standing, he was tall and muscular. Very good rammer material if it ever should happen.
“Me to” Chris states standing up.
“Okay, but rules first. If you come, you listen to us; if you’re bitten we will kill you. If you slow us down well, we’ll let the zombies have you.” I state “If you ever wish to go alone, one of us must accompany you unless you can swing a good blade.” I state chucking the Scythe to Bob, who was grinning madly.
Chris frowns slightly but nods to the conditions and follows us out. We each grabbed a huge duffle bag each for food and or weaponry. The town was small so the mall wasn’t very big, a few shops here and there. Much like Walmart I presume, everything in the one store?
“It’s too quiet” Mitch mutters taking the lead next to J. I stay at the back watching our tails for any signs of the brain munching fuckers we like to call the undead.
“I agree, something is wrong J” I state looking around; there was smoke in the distance several thick plumes of grey in the far distance but none in town, no screams or moans.
“I feel it too, but we must continue or we won’t make it another day. We have no food.” She states while stepping through the broken glass. One foot slowly in the other as she held her gun down for a second to look around and then bringing it up ready to fire, her finger resting on the side just in case we find a survivor.
“Z take bob and look over there, Mitch to the other side, I’m going straight ahead.” And with that we all split, my gun was up and ready to fire if needed, Bob had the scythe ready to swing as we walked down the aisles, there were a few cans of soup left that were still good. A knife here and there along with some explosive chemicals, they all went in the bag; I took one side while bob took the other.
“So how old are you Zoe?” Bob asks casually holding a bag of chips, reading the expiry date.
“Twenty-four what about you bob?” I ask curious.
“42 and still young” he chuckles
“What about your sister?” he asks me, stopping me shocked, not a lot of survivors we have come across made the guess quickly.
“How do you know she is my sister?” I ask him turning to face him.
“I had sisters you know, they looked at each other the way you look at each other. Lilly is younger cause she looks at you like you hung the moon and you look at her with so much pride, love and fierce protectiveness” well shit, since he put it that way.
“She’s 18” I say with a laugh while shaking my head, but my body tensed as my eyes connected with a sinister smirk of a Zomban, there were two Goregers with him, both with a bounty of trophies around their necks. The Zomban were one of the first zombies to test the cure, but the fucking government made it worse. About 100 Zombans were made, they were able to think and communicate through a series of grunts, groans and moans.

Their skin were grey with black spots and decomposed skin, it looked like leather actually. Well think of the wrinkly bits of an elephant, their eyes were black no whites and the skin around them were black too; their teeth were rotten and green. They were vicious, their bites slowly killed you, and painfully.

“Run” I whisper my eyes never leaving the Zomban.

“What?” he asks turning quickly and cursing as he saw them, charging.

“NO!” I scream as he races forward, scythe raised high, but he didn’t even get the chance to swing.

The scythe fell from his hands, a stream of red blood started to trail down his legs and spread into his jeans. In the palm of one of the Gorgers was his heart, still thumping. The arm was removed quickly from his chest and heart eaten while the other races towards me.

Gunshots go off over the other side of the store, followed by an explosion taking out a huge chunk of the store’s wall and roof.

“FUCK! RIPPERS!” Mitch screams.

“Goregers and Rammers.” J yells from the back of the store.

I quickly run, fuck staying, why didn’t I run before?

Oh that’s right because I was too preoccupied watching a Goreger impale my friend and eat his heart like a gumdrop.

“You think that’s the worst?” I scream. “There’s a fucking Zomban here! IT WAS A TRAP” I scream, my shoulder aching as I crash into an aisle right at J and Mitch’s feet.

“What!” they both exclaim in horror.

“We need to leave now, Bob’s dead” I get out through ragged breaths.

“Chris as well” Mitch states while shooting another ripper down.

“Okay, RUN, RUN, RUN!” J yells when there was an opening. The ones that were still alive following us, I scream in horror as I see the bus in flames, a herd of zombies munching on what seems to be Ellen, her face twisted in extreme pain and horror. Her son was charging for us, his face covered in blood and bottom lip missing.

“LILLY!” I scream, Mitch catching me around the waist as he drags me away.

“We need to leave, come Zoe!” J screams, tears in her eyes as she ran. We ran in the direction of the thick black plumes.

We were so close, my legs once again burning, in front of us about a kilometre away looked to be a safe zone. It was then that Mitch fell; tripping over something and breaking his leg and arm.

“AHHH!” pain, agony his scream was both me and J turned to grab him only for the zombies following us to yank him away and munching on his flesh. A shot echoed the field and a ringing in my ear as Jamie fired the gun killing him instantly. It’s what we all agreed too, if we were to be bitten or captured alive, a headshot to end it all, to make sure that no fucking way we would turn into them.

A siren behind us sounded, they had seen us. But it was too late, 300 meters from the base Jamie was killed by the Zomban, his hands ripping her head from her shoulders, blood spraying everywhere. I remember screaming, falling in slow motion, landing and crying out in pain as the Zomban charged towards me a sinister smirk on his blood covered face and then darkness.

I knew I was dead, because before the darkness came, I felt the distinct feeling of a bite being made upon my flesh.

There was no hope for me.

The End.

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